Students Welfare

The general welfare of the students is looked after by the Dean of Students Welfare.

Identity card

  • (i) In order to enjoy the status and privileges of a bona fide student of the Institute, each student must obtain an Identity Card from the office of the Dean of Students Welfare at the time of registration or afterwards as per the notification.
  • (ii) Identity Card is valid for the period stamped on it.
  • (iii) A loss or the theft of the card should be immediately reported. A duplicate Card will be issued by the Dean of Students Welfare on request after depositing a fee ` 50/in theAccount Section of the Institute.

Railway concession

This Facility is available to only regular students of the Institute

  • (i) The railway concession orders are issued by the office of the Dean of Students Welfare to the students for to and fro journey to their home towns during official vacations, educational tour and vocational training. For this purpose ‘Home Town’ is defined as the native place where the parents or if parents are not alive the guardians of the students normally reside and which is mentioned on the Identity Card.
  • (ii) A Change of address is usually not allowed after the issue of Identity Card except in special circumstances, such as, transfer of parents/guardians in service. The railway concessions for home town are issued normally once in a semester.
  • (iii) To obtain railway concession, a student must apply on a prescribed application form at least one week in advance. Railway concession will be given to the students on production of Identity Card in person.
  • (iv) Any improper use of railway concession orders may invite action apart from any disciplinary action which the railway authorities may deem fit.
  • (v) A student must show his identity Card for verification by the Station Master or by the railway authorities during the journey.


The students are supposed to keep themselves neat and tidy. They are advised not to wear loose dresses which may be unsafe for working near the machines or be uncomfortable for outdoor field work. The B.Tech, MCA and M.Tech full time boys students must wear prescribed uniform which consists of white shirt, steel grey trousers, black shoes with white shocks, plain maroon tie and navy blue blazers(during winters). The prescribed uniform for girl students is steel grey Kurta, white Salwar with white Dupatta, black shoes/sandles and navy blue sweaters(during winters).

Conduct & discipline

Students are required to maintain a high standard of discipline and to follow the Institute rules strictly. The competent authority may revise and notify the conduct rules in the interest of the institute and students as and when necessary.

A Student will be liable for punishment as per rules inforce for acts of misbehavior, misconduct and indiscipline which, in any manner are subversive to the normal functioning of the Institute and are against the general interest of the Institute and the students. The following are deemed, but not limited to, to be the acts of indiscipline:

  • (1) Disregard of Institute/Hostel Rules, Orders & Notices.
  • (ii) Disregard of orders and instruction of staff members.
  • (iii) Noisy, disorderly and obnoxious behavior.
  • (v) Persistent negligence of Study.
  • (vi) Participation in strikes and agitations.
  • (vii) Irregular attendance and unauthorized absence from classes and hostel.
  • (viii) Indulging in violent activities.
  • (ix) Students shall be responsible for all the tools, apparatus, instruments and materials etc issued to them.
  • (x) Students shall observe all safety precautions. The Institute is not responsible for accident of any nature in the Institute, hostel, workshop and laboratory or play ground.
  • (xi) Students are strictly warned not to go to Gomti River for taking bath or swimming. If any such incident is brought to the notice of authority, such students will be liable for severe punishment.
  • (xii) No society, association or club shall be formed by the students without prior permission of the Director.
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