Academic Committee

The Academic Committee (here in after in this rule referred to as committee) shall consist of:

Sr.No. Director Designation
  Prof. K. S. Verma , Director, KNIT, Sultanpur Chairman
  All Heads of Teaching Departments  Member
Prof. Harsh Vikram Singh, Dean (Academic)  Member Secretary
Minutes of 157th Meeting of Academic Committee View

The Committee shall perform the following functions:

  • Frame and revise curricula and syllabi for the courses of studies for the various departments and send necessary recommendations through the Institute to the University to which the Institute affiliated.
  • Make arrangement for the conduct of all internal examinations and work associated with the same as well as work associated with the University examination, as and when assigned by the University to the Institute.
  • Appoint advisory Committee or Expert Committee or both for departments of the Institute to make recommendations on the academic matters connected with working of department. The Head of the Department concerned shall act as the convenor of such Committee.
  • Appoint sub-committee from amongst the members of the Academic Committee, other teachers of the Institute and expert from outside on such specific matters as may be referred to such sub-committee by the Academic Committee.
  • Consider the recommendation of the Advisory committee, Expert committee or other sub- committees and take such action as circumstances of each case may require including making of suitable recommendation of the Board.
  • Make periodical review of the activities of the department and if necessary make suitable recommendations to the Board.
  • Advice on the working of library and the workshop.
  • Promote research within Institute and require reports on such research from the persons engaged thereon.
  • Advise of general policy to be followed in respect of consultation work to be done by academic staff.
  • Provide for the inspection of classes, laboratories, library, halls of residence in respect of the institutions, discipline therein and submit reports thereon to the board.
  • Awards stipends, scholarships, free ships, medals and prizes etc.
  • The committee shall meet as often as necessary but not less then two times during the calendar year.
  • Meeting of the committee shall be convened by the chairman of the committee either on his own initiatives or on the advice of the Director or on a requisition signed by not less than five member of the committee.
  • Half of the total number of the members of the committee shall from the quorum for the meeting of the committee.
  • A written notice of the every meeting together with the agenda shall be circulated by the Registrar to the members of the committee at least one week before the meeting. The chairman of the committee may permit inclusion of any item on the agenda for which due notice could not be given.
  • Not-with standing anything contained in sub-rule(6), the Chairman may call an emergent meeting of the committee at short notice to consider urgent or special issues.
  • The ruling of the chairman of the committee in regards to all question of procedure shall be final.
  • The minutes of the proceeding of the committee shall be drawn up by the Dean (Academic) or in absence the registrar and circulated amongst all members present in India.
  • Provided that any such minutes shall not be circulated, if the Committee considers such circulation prejudicial to the interest of the institute.
  • The minutes along with the amendments, if any, shall be placed for confirmation at the next meeting. If the minutes are confirmed and signed by the chairman of the committee, they shall be recorded in the Minutes Books.
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