Department of Mechanical Engineering


Research Scope: The faculty of the department are conducting and offering research in following major area

Design Engineering

Composite Structures, Experimental Modal Analysis & Identification, Finite Element Model Updating, Dynamic Design, Noise Engineering, Bearing Dynamics, Lubrication, Mechanical System Design, Computer Aided Mechanical Design, Computer Controlled Mechanisms, Mechanisms, Robotics, Mechatronics, Sensors and Actuator Design, Nanomechanics, Artificial Intelligence Applications in Mechanical Engineering & Expert Systems for Design & manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Applications to Medical Science.

Thermal Engineering

Internal Combustions Engines, Combustion, Radiation from flames, Engine Simulation, Turbo charging, Combustion Generated Pollution, Alternate Fuels, Utilization of biogas, Biomass gasification, Centrifugal and axial compressors, Optimization of power plants, Sustainable Energy Systems, Computer Simulation and Design of Thermal Systems, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Systems, Thermal Comfort, Fire Research, Air Water Spray Injection, Waste Heat Utilization, Energy Conservation, Renewable Energy Sources, Heat Transfer, High temperature natural convection Microchannel Heat Exchangers, Fluid Mechanics & Machines, Turbulence Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Turbo machines, Energy Storage Devices, Microfluidics.

Production Engineering

Metal Cutting, Metal Forming, Welding, Metal Casting, Material Characterization, Non-traditional Manufacturing Processes, Grinding of Ceramics and Metal Matrix Composites, Processing of Polymers & Composites, Biomaterials and Medical Implants, Nanocomposites, Modeling of Material Behavior, Lean concepts in Machine Tool Design.

Industrial Engineering

Industrial Quality Control, Quality, Reliability and Maintenance, Lean Manufacturing, Productivity Management, Queuing, Systems Simulation, Simulation Dynamics, Operations Research & Management, Production & Materials Management, Project Management, Total Quality Management, Supply Chain Management, Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems, Business Process Reengineering, Applied Probabilities, Facilities Planning, Enterprise Modeling, Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, Value Engineering, Flexible Systems, Healthcare Systems, Education Systems, Agile Manufacturing Systems, ERP, CIMS, Knowledge Management, e-business, IT effectiveness in Enterprise Systems.

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