Department of Electronics Engineering


The department has property equipped and well maintained facilities such as smart class rooms, seminar hall, departmental library and laboratories to cater for the practical classes and student projects as well as for undertaking research activities. The Facilities available are indicated below:

A. Smart Class Rooms

There are 4 large, comfortable class rooms, to the laid down specifications, in the academic building, meant for the students of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year. These class rooms have been provided with all the accessories require.

B. Laboratories

  • Semiconductor Devices lab
  • Digital Electronics Lab
  • Digital Signal Processing Lab
  • Computer Simulation Lab
  • Digital Signal & Speech Processing Lab
  • Digital & Optical Communications Lab
  • Analog Communications Lab
  • T.V. & Satellite Communications Lab
  • Biomedical Electronics Lab
  • Microwave & Radar Lab
  • Electronic Measurement & Instrumentation Lab
  • Electronic Workshop & PCB Lab

C. Seminar Hall

There is a well-furnished and equipped seminar hall in the academic building which caters for the needs of the department such as presentation of mini & main project and similar special programs.

D. Departmental Library

A library to cater or the requirements of the Department has been setup.

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