Additoonal Rules for Girls’ Hostels

The Following rules in addition to the rules given in the Annexure II will be in force in girls’ hostels:

  •  If any girl student has to go to the town for any work, she must write the purpose, place, time of leaving and time of return in the register with the security guard on duty. She must return to the hostel latest by 7:30 P.M. during the months of March to October and latest by 6:30 P.M. during the months of November to February.
  •  A girl student must enter all the columns in the register regarding participation in curricular activities and extracurricular beyond the working hours of the Institute.
  •  A girl Student must submit the names and addresses of the local guardians with their signature, if any, duly authorized by the parents (or authorized guardian as per declaration in the admission form) in the prescribed form available with the warden.
  •  For late night stay at local guardians’ residence up to 9 PM or night halt, prior written permission of the warden must be obtained. In addition, the local guardian must submit a letter stating that the student had stayed with them.
  •  Prior permission of the warden must be taken by the girl student for leaving to their homes.
  •  No male person (even father) will be allowed inside the Girl’s Hostel.
  •  Visitors may meet the Girl student outside the gate of the girls Hostel up to 7:30 PM. with the permission of the Hostel Warden/Dean of Student Welfare (D.S.W.)
  •  Permission must be taken from the warden regarding stay of a female relative in the Girls’ Hostel.
  •  All Communications regarding any problem of a girl student must be routed through the warden.
  •  In the event of the warden of the Girl Hostel being on leave the girl student must contact the DSW or any replacement nominated by the D.S.W.
  •  Key of the Guest room will be with the security Guard. On arrival of a relative, the security guard may open the guest room and then inform the girl student through the lady peon.
  •  Only in case of urgency the girl student may go to D.S.W. residence for contacting on phone during late hours beyond 7:30 PM but not later than 9:30 PM with the permission of DSW.
  •  Modification or addition of rules may be made and communicated as and when necessary.
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